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  • 2 Fabruar 2018

    The new website is a collection of information related to German, Nazi concentration and extermination camps in the Second World War. The site is available in three languages – English, German and Polish.


    “In the face of attempts to falsify history, Polish Radio has a duty to defend the truth. This is our obvious duty as a public broadcaster, but we owe it to the victims - especially those who during the German occupation sacrificed their lives and those of their loved ones in order to save Jews. We want there to be no doubt in the world regarding who is responsible for the creation of the concentration camps in the area of German-occupied Poland,” Director of Polish Radio Jacek Sobala said.
    The website was created using archival recordings from Polish Radio, as well as materials collected by historians from Poland, Germany and Israel, with whom the creators of the website cooperate. Based on these resources film sketches were created bearing historical accounts of witnesses - prisoners of German concentration and extermination camps.

    The site includes an interactive map of Europe occupied by Nazi Germany, marked with the largest extermination camps, their commanders' names, the dates they were operational and the number of victims.

    Also presented are examples of contemporary falsifications regarding the history of the camps, including press, television and Internet publications. The website contains expert statements, including those of Prof. Chodakiewicz, Prof. Martin Schulze Wessel, the last "Nazi hunter" Efraim Zuroff and Prof. Jerzy Eisler.


    Photo: Polish Radio’s materials

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